Custom Cakes & Sweet Treats

Wedding Cakes

Start the wedded bliss off right with an immaculate wedding cake. As the centerpiece of your wedding reception, every detail counts (Even if you secretly plan to smoosh a piece in your new spouse's face). That is why every cake is hand delivered and set up by Whitney herself.

Groom's Cakes

It's the fun uncle of the cake family, and the perfect chance to get creative. So whether it's the decadent chocolate lover's cake, or something fun and funky, bring on your ideas and let's create your dream cake.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

It's the cherry... err strawberry... on top. Strawberries are great on their own or as a decorative element to your cake. Go luxe with a chocolate tux or enjoy them with decorative swirls, dots, or straight chocolate.

Cake Pops

Give your reception or party some extra pop with our custom dipped, drizzled, and sprinkled cake pops. Serve them during your gathering or send them home as a favor.

Party Cakes & Cupcakes

Tailor made for your party, and sure to impress your guests. Bring us your ideas or party theme and we will bake up the perfect confection.

Other Sweet Treats

We offer a variety of candies and cookies that make great favors and treats for your guests. Our specialties include hand made chocolate pieces, hand rolled dipped or molded truffles, cream cheese mints, chocolate-coated petit fours, and hand decorated cookies.